Protect Your Purchase


Imagine you’re hosting a holiday dinner with friends and family, when laughter suddenly turns to gasps of horror. Someone spilled red wine on your favorite linen dining chair! Now it’s forever ruined, right?

Not anymore.

We realize furniture is an investment, and that’s why we’re so excited to announce that we now offer a furniture protection program to relieve any worry you may have about accidental spills, stains, or damage. The protection program covers fabric, leather, and wood furniture, as well as area rugs, for five years. It even includes linen, antiques, and rustic tables, so there’s no longer a reason to forego that linen dining chair or antique cabinet that you’ve been eyeing up for months.

Want an example of what’s covered? Click here.

Shop It: Ines Dining Table | Downey Dining Chair
All Stains, such as
Human and Pet Bodily Fluids
Food and Beverages
Facial Cosmetics
Nail Polish
Grease and Oil
Paint and Dye
Crayon, Ink and Marker
Grass and Mud
Dye Transfer (Color from blue jeans or newspapers
Household Heat Marks and Burns
Punctures and Rips (Excluding Seams)
Fading from the Sun
Checking, Cracking, Bubbling
Peeling of Finish or Lifting of Veneers (from a Specific Incident)
Mirror Chipping
Glass Breakage
Scratch or Gouge (penetrating through the surface)

Intrigued? Visit our showroom to learn just how easy and affordable protecting your new investment can be.