Guest Blog: Elevate Your Holiday Hosting Game— Our Top Design Tips to Welcome Guests This Season by Erin Jean & Co.


We’re thrilled to continue to collaborate with talented local interior designer, Erin Hanson, owner of Erin Jean & Co. bringing you fresh perspective on all things home design.


The changes in the Wisconsin weather reminds us that the holiday hosting season is just around the corner. Soon, friends and family will be filling our homes for another year of joy, laughter and plenty of memory-making moments.

To help you prepare for the festive gatherings ahead, At Erin Jean & Co, we have put together some thoughtfully designed tips and tricks that will make your home the ultimate destination for holiday cheer.  From unique appetizer forks to elegant cheese knives, from scented candles to beautiful serving trays, August Haven has your guest-ready guide covered.

A Flair for Flatware

Let’s start with the basics – appetizer forks. These tiny but mighty utensils can instantly elevate your holiday entertaining. Choose unique designs that reflect your style, be it minimalist or eclectic. For a touch of warmth and excitement, go for gold, or for a timeless look, opt for classic silver. Displaying them in a beautiful holder can instantly elevate the pieces creating both a functional and decorative display for your dining table.

Cheese and Charm

Cheese boards are an absolute holiday essential. Elevate your presentation with unique cheese knives and boards that are as beautiful as the delicious cheese they serve. From modern marble to rustic wood, the options are endless. Ensure a variety of cheeses, crackers, and accompaniments are artfully arranged to delight your guests’ taste buds.

Candlelight From Morning to Night

Candles can transform any space into a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Opt for scented candles with seasonal fragrances like cinnamon, pine, or vanilla to create an immersive holiday experience. Mix and match unique candle holders, incorporating different heights and styles for an eye-catching, warm glow that can travel from countertop to table top.

Tray Chic

Serving trays are the unsung heroes of holiday hosting. Whether you’re serving cocktails, appetizers, or a five course feast, these versatile pieces keep everything organized and add an element of sophistication. Consider trays in unique shapes or materials, such as wooden, mirrored, or metallic finishes, and incorporate them into your table decor for a beautiful display.

A Case for Colors

While the holidays are the perfect time to embrace seasonal colors, this year, go beyond the traditional red and green and experiment with modern, upscale palettes. Think deep blues, rich plums, warm coppers, and even pops of plaid. Mix and match these colors in your table settings, linens, and decorations to create a fresh and inviting look.

Personalized Touch

Add a personal touch to your holiday decor by incorporating customized elements. Monogrammed napkins or engraved cheese knives can make your guests feel special and appreciated. It’s a thoughtful way to show you’ve gone the extra mile to make their holiday experience unforgettable.

This holiday season, confidently create a home with a welcoming atmosphere for all of your guests without all the stress. With these easy tips you’ll be well on your way to becoming the ultimate holiday host, ensuring your gatherings are filled with warmth, style, and lots of holiday cheer. Happy hosting!


-The Team at Erin Jean & Co