Design Trend: Pairing Sofas


Some things are better in pairs.

A living room with two sofas facing each other centered between windows and decorated with pillows, throws, and coffee tables.

Living Room Design With Two Sofas

Pairing sofas can create a cohesive, harmonious look and lend a personalized timeless feel all while adding a layer of seating and function to your space. Timeless and classic are words often used in combination to describe an ideal personalized and intentionally designed space within your home. Timeless looks never go out of style and is the mark of great design and quality.

Master The Room Dynamics

It is important to understand and analyze your space as the arrangement of furniture will influence the atmosphere of the entire room. Consider your focal point when arranging this paired look, such as a fireplace, structural focal point, or picturesque view. After determining your focal point, arrange your flanking sofas in a way that takes advantage of this, as the arrangement will highlight and draw attention to these features in your space.

Two sofas facing each other with decorated coffee tables

Elevate With Accessories

Rounding out the design—layering in a coffee table, end tables and sofa table—will add functional elements into the arrangement allowing ample room for entertaining in addition to task lighting providing ambiance. Adding accessories and a rug will complete this personalized look.

green couch that is decorated with different sizes and colors of pillows


Introducing this simple way to arrange your sofas will provide balance and symmetry to a living room while maintaining functionality allowing for casual or intimate conversation. This trend can make any space feel well thought out, classic and timeless.

No one knows design trends better than our supremely talented staff. Written by our Display Designer Lead, Katie Van Linn