Design Portfolio: Timeless Curation


Timeless curation.

When a space is authentically designed to resonate with the people who live or work in it, it becomes more than a physical environment – it becomes a reflection of their identity and a source of comfort, inspiration, and well-being.

Personal Touches

Our latest design project combines elements of sophistication, elegance and natural materials like wood, stone, and soft textiles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A disciplined, neutral color palette and mindful collection of accessories and artwork add a layer of personal significance and depth to the home.

Quality Statement Pieces

The furnishings are comfortable and cozy with plush sofas that invite lounging and relaxation. Belgian linen, long celebrated for its strength and resilience, makes it a well-suited upholstery choice for everyday use. An enduring elegance, its natural, understated aesthetic is wholly complementary to the artisan craftsmanship of the kiln dried, hand milled wooden frames.

Kitchen dining stools in exposed walnut and hair on hide bring a natural element of appeal while also providing durable, resilient seating, well fitting for this high traffic area.

Tabletop and kitchen counter accessories are a blend of small batch, hand made pottery, marble, and repurposed wine barrel serving trays. Each one, a functional celebration of artisan endeavors.

Patina over Perfection

A living finish allows for an object to age gracefully and inherently add to its singular, distinguishing value. The homeowners value the character and history that develops over time in objects or on surfaces that that are able to show signs of wear, age and use. Imperfections, such as scratches, fading or tarnishing, add depth and charm. Throughout the home, the use of materials such as unlacquered brass, well-worn wooden edges and a naturally occurring bloom help create intrigue.

Additionally, the juxtaposition of new, more modern lighting fixtures against the use of antique accents, creates a contrast that highlights the unique qualities of each piece— accomplishing a harmonious balance within the space.

Harmonious Haven

Meaningful artwork and cherished items undefined by price are brought together in every room. Of note, the homeowners’ “Music Room” is a dedicated space for the practice and enjoyment of music, serving as a gathering space for musical performances and jam sessions. A small gallery of artwork displays pieces that hold deep sentimental value and historical significance, as well as emotional resonance. These carefully selected pieces are reflections of travel, nostalgia, and personal charm. They evoke emotions, spark conversations, and simply bring joy and beauty into daily life.

The furniture in the Music Room is a collection of pieces from the homeowners’ previous residence that have maintained their quality and appeal and work very well together. Given only the fresh update of a blue leather bolster and white mohair throw pillow.

The incorporation of large-scale, distinctive artwork in the lower level of the home alongside well sourced teak wood tables, accessories and live jade plants add a bit of drama. These pieces inject personality and transform a secondary gathering space into a dynamic, visually stimulating setting.

Our latest design portfolio is characterized by an emphasis on quality, comfort and enjoyment of life’s experiences rather than a mere accumulation of material possessions. It encompasses the pursuit of experiences, relationships and moments that bring fulfillment and well-being. It is all at once a bold and distinctive environment bucking trends, but also a soothing sanctuary where the expressive elegance and timeless curation of furnishings and objects create a welcoming and authentic home.

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