Design Portfolio: Beau Rivage Two Story


In the world of interior design, inspiration can strike in the most unexpected places. For this project, it happened in a dive bar in Sun Valley, Idaho, where our paths crossed with a wonderful family with a love for the Green Bay Packers and Clare Vivier handbags. Little did we know that this chance encounter would lead to a remarkable home design project that would bridge the gap between the Midwest and the California coast.

As always, the client’s vision is paramount. This family, with their vibrant personalities and a coastal lifestyle in California, had a dream to create a comfortable, welcoming retreat in Wisconsin. Their ultimate goal was to feel at home in their new space quickly.

One of the unique challenges we faced was the distance. With over 2,000 miles between us, the project required countless texts and phone calls across time zones. However, we were fortunate to work with clients who had a clear vision of what they wanted, which made the process much smoother. Our collaborative effort was centered around prioritizing and simplifying the plan to ensure they could settle into their new home as swiftly as possible.

Balancing style and swiftness was a key consideration throughout the project. To meet our goal of creating a comfortable yet stylish space, we had to be resourceful. We scoured showrooms for in-stock furniture and accessories, as well as custom items that could be expedited for move-in day. This blend of readily available pieces and personalized selections allowed us to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and getting their home ready in good time.

A Happy Home in Wisconsin

At the end, all the hard work paid off. The first phase of this home project is complete, allowing the family to enjoy their dream location on the river in Wisconsin. The family’s love for entertaining and hosting was evident in the lively gatherings that filled the house with laughter and warmth. Knowing that the clients are enjoying their home to the fullest is the ultimate reward.


The chance meeting in a dive bar may have been serendipitous, but the success of this home design project was the result of hard work, a clear vision, and a shared passion for creating a beautiful and functional living space. This project exemplifies how design can transcend geographical boundaries and bring dreams to life.

Designer: Amanda Thorpe

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