Rug Options For Every Decor Style


One of the easiest ways to refresh your space is with a great rug. Deciding on just one among all the rug options available can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Identifying your overall decor style is of utmost importance before you start. Once you have a firm understanding of which styles you’re drawn to, it’s easier to get started on the right foot.

We’ve chosen three of our favorite upholstery pieces to represent three very different interior styles. And because we all love options, our designers have provided a few different rug options that fit with each look.

A Pop of Color with The Isabella XL Sofa

The Isabella XL Sofa’s neutral upholstery lends itself to just about any rug style, but when paired with the feminine orange and yellow pillows—as we’ve done here—the focus becomes much more streamlined and our rug pairing suggestions follow suit.

Neutral with a Twist with The Friday Sofa

There are many things to love about our Friday Sofa, but perhaps the quality that stands out most is its ability to effortlessly present green as a neutral. While some may shy away from color as a focal point, the Friday Sofa’s velvety green upholstery pairs equally well with neutrals or an edited spectrum of colors.

Making a Bold Statement with The Mebane Sleeper Sofa

When you want contrast to be your focal point, look no further than our versatile Mebane Sleeper Sofa. A sofa by day and queen sleeper by night, Mebane’s neutral upholstery was our cue to present a more dramatic look with rich black accents.

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