Past Meets Present: Treasured Memories in a China Collection


Your home tells a story, but it is the pieces within that detail the narrative. Every curve, every line, every subtle imperfection works together to not only tell your design story, but to define it.

So when customers come to us with personal treasures and the stories they hold – not to mention the potential design challenges they pose – we are inspired and invigorated. Because the challenge lies in not only incorporating the piece(s) within your home, but in keeping their stories intact while simultaneously weaving them into a new story that has yet to be told.

Enjoy the third feature in a new series called Past Meets Present highlighting the pieces you love, their stories from the past, and the design challenges they pose. Together with our design team, we can make them part of your design story for the present and future.

One Customer’s Treasured China Collection

“This was my great-grandma’s china collection. No one else can seem to remember any other details beyond that, but the important part is that I just remember eating meals growing up using this china, and I always had an affinity for it. Meals at my grandparents’ were always some of my favorites. Their house was always so quiet, and we’d laugh and my grandpa always had this notebook in his pocket. We called it the dinner journal.

I seem to always get the good stuff from my relatives because I appreciate things with history. I have several sets of dishes, as do my mother and grandmother.”

What Inspired Us

Blue and white is, and always has been, a classic for china. Originally, the color blue came from cobalt ores imported to China from Persia; the blue gained significance during the Tang dynasty. Today, china is often made in America and can be easily found. It’s nice to have a set of china to mix in with different dishes to set the tone for an occasion. Or to elevate the everyday.

Pulling It Together

To make the look more modern, we paired it with solid white dishes and updated silverware. The antique dining table nods to the heirloom quality of the china. Neutral upholstered chairs and table linens soften the look and create an inviting atmosphere.

GET THE LOOK // China Collection (Client’s Own)Antique Belgian Table | Eydie Dining Chair | Vietri White Rectangular Platter | Vietri White Mug | Belgian Guest Towel in Flax | Woodstock Flatware 5-Pc. Set

If you already have white dishes, but don’t own any china and want to incorporate the look, we have china blue and white paper placemats from Hester and Cook that you can use to get this classic look.

If you have a personal heirloom, collection, or unique piece that you would like featured or is posing a design dilemma of your own, bring it in to our Green Bay or Appleton showroom and let one of our designers begin the process of helping you tell your own design story.