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Holiday season is upon us, which means plenty of opportunities to capture those special moments with family and friends that will last a lifetime. To bring out the photographer in all of us, we’ve commissioned Erin Hanson from Erin Jean Photography who captures truly beautiful images, from portraits to family photos to special events and more! You may have seen Erin featured on Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Wisconsin Bride, Grey Likes Weddings, The Wedding Chicks & more.

So without further ado, please read on to get Erin’s thoughts on capturing authentic moments in everyday life.

Capturing authentic family photos to display in your home is definitely on trend. We know, it can feel daunting if you don’t know what you are doing.  Chances are, you have sifted through Pinterest, admiring beautifully curated walls (with picture perfect family photos) and then… give up.

Fear not… we are here to help.

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I promise you that creating those art walls, taking the photos you want to frame, and really, just capturing those moments you want to remember forever, CAN actually happen.

photo credit: studio mcgee

First things first.  TAKE THE PHOTOS.  All the photos.  Most of us own a great little thing called an iPhone and it can take a really great photo.  With the help of editing software apps (available right on your phone) you can easily create a stunning image.   My favorites are currently Lightroom and the VSCO apps.  A note for editing… less is more.  Try not to overly edit those photos.  They usually just need a little tweak and some light + contrast added in.  The biggest mistake I see people make is creating dull, muddy images.  Play with your whites and blacks + contrast in Lightroom.  I’m a big fan of most images needing a true white point, and a true black point, to really make them pop.

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If you love photography, and have the opportunity to buy a nice camera, go for it.  I shoot most of my personal photos on a 35mm film camera, and a mirrorless digital camera, because it’s compact and easy to carry.  Of course, an SLR camera will always produce great images. It’s just a bit bulkier to carry. Especially for you parents with littles, who are already bringing the whole house wherever you go.

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When photographing indoors, you want whatever the subject is, to be facing the light source.  Most likely that would be a window.  If you have a brighter house, try turning off all the lights, and just use natural light.  Open doors if you have to.  Take your kids, dog, boyfriend, flower vase, fresh cookies (whatever the subject is) outside – if need be.  You will be amazed what a difference natural light alone can make.

photo credit: erin jean photography

Photograph the action, not always the smile.
Sure, a smiling photo is great.  But, along with that, try and get your subjects laughing.  Make them look at each other, tell a silly joke, WHATEVER works to make them laugh.  Just telling them to laugh REALLY hard, will (99 % of the time) QUICKLY lead into real belly laughter.  That’s the shot.  True emotion.  When your little ones are building that sand castle, or running through the sprinkler, photograph the moments as they unfold. There is sure to be one golden image in every memory.

I’m a big fan of being present.  I want to experience my kid’s life.  My life.  And not just behind a camera.  So, I always make sure to plan out just a little extra time to get the photos I know I want.  A perfect example is my daughters dance recitals.  I plan out time to take photos of her before the performance.  That way I have stunning photographs to remember the day by, but I ALSO get to be fully present watching her on stage.  I want to remember the life lived.  Not the back of my camera.

Last tip… take photos every day.  Some will be bad.  Sure.  Maybe a lot of them.  Maybe most of them.  But there will also be treasured moments in there.  You will never, ever, regret taking them. We promise.

photo credit: erin jean photography

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Now, start photographing. And make sure to shop August Haven for ALL that decor to accessorize your photos with. Because, not much is better than a beautiful home filled with treasured memories.

So many thanks to Erin for guest blogging for us! We encourage all of you to follow Erin to see her gorgeous photography, or to reach out when you need professional photography for any occasion.

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