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At August Haven, we appreciate the joy of creative expression in all its forms, especially the arts. Join us in celebrating our local fine arts community as we proudly cast the spotlight on talented artists who are showcasing their work in our showrooms.

current featured artists

Cristian Andersson

STATIC SOUNDSCAPES | Neenah, Wisconsin-based artist Cristian Andersson has been working since 2013 as both an abstract oil painter and an installation and performance artist. Cristian’s paintings are musically influenced works–translating contemporary classical music, and, more recently, the spatial qualities of dance into line, shape, and color. His installation and performance pieces dissect online communication and how it affects levels from the self to the national conversation.


now on display in our Green Bay showroom March 28-May 31

Jane Constable-Hostetler

PRIMAL SERIES & RENEWAL SERIES | As a visual artist, a compelling visual experience is a key goal, though the thought it engages is equally valuable. The work I produce uses transparent layers of color, incised lines, and compelling textured to produce abstract works that have underlying influences from the world around us. Most recently, my work has been influenced by an intense observation of the environment, decomposition and renewal. While working in either oil/cold wax or acrylic/fresco as a medium, these influences are a continual thread in producing an ongoing collection of abstract works. Works that draws the viewer in and allows for personal interaction.


now on display in our Appleton showroom March 29-May 31

past featured artists

Linda Glass

ZEN COLLECTION | My Zen Collection was created during some challenging times socially, economically, and politically. This collection invites a calm, tranquil mood when viewing. The design, texture, and subtle color invite a Zen-like insight into the nature of the piece, while promoting a peaceful, relaxed feeling.

Rosa Jimenez

UNEXPECTED | Described by one local artist as “very Picasso-like,” Rosa Jimenez loves to paint canvases with acrylics in bright, swirling colors and geometric shapes. More recently, she’s begun using recycled magazines to create paper collage art that has been featured most recently at the Performing Arts Center of Appleton.

Jackie Sanders

GRAINS OF SAND | My art is deeply personal; a connection between life, nature, and sometimes social commentary. As a child I spent much of my time outside and continue to love time spent in nature. Being in nature helps to clear the mind and allows the heart to be more open to inspiration. Every image I create is hand burnished and like nature each piece is unique.

Trisha Spice

LOOK UP | My wish is to convey the emotion of what being drawn into the woods brings out in me. I breathe deeply to inhale the fragrant air. As I exhale I marvel at the many textures and layers in the foliage, the depth of which pulls me in even further. I look up to see the light shimmer off the leaves of the treetops swaying in the breeze. I am awestruck in the presence of God’s unique masterpieces. The work reflects the calm, peaceful feeling of deep woods solitude, and the ultimate comfort of being present with my Creator.

Andrea Naylor

FIGURE COLLECTION | “40 must be great because my grandmother said it was great.” -Andrea

Andrea’s Figure Series is inspired by her grandmother who always told her she felt the most beautiful when she turned 40. It is a deeply personal collection that celebrates womanhood and how her own intergenerational relationships play a grounding role in her work as a painter.

Linda Glass

NATURE’S BOUNTY | I love nature! Having lived and worked in a metropolitan area for much of my adult life, I have treasured the calming value nature brings to my life. For quite a few years, I had a cabin in Northeastern Wisconsin situated on five acres of wooded seclusion. I now live in Green Bay and am very fortunate to live amongst the trees and have daily visits from turkeys and deer. Sitting on my patio is very therapeutic and relaxing for me as I can enjoy the trees, flora, and wildlife of the area.

When I was mulling over what I would paint for the exhibit at August Haven, I happened to view an outstanding sunset on the bay. I captured it on my phone and decided that it would be the inspiration for my featured painting at the August Haven Appleton store. Hence, the “Nature’s Bounty” collection was created.

I have been fortunate to travel many places in the world, and consistently one the highlights of these travels are beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Whether it is a sunset in Santorini, Greece, Grand Bahamas, or wonderful Wisconsin, I always marvel at the beautiful and unique colors of each individual sunrise or sunset.

The accompanying birch tree pieces reflect some of the colors of a sunset in the background and reflect the uniqueness and elegance that birch trees have. The three pieces in my “Nature’s Bounty” collection complement the rustic feeling conveyed when one visits this August Haven store. They would work well with almost any décor scheme and bring a bit of nature to your home.

Brenda Burgett

HAVEN PLACE SERIES | When I painted this series I thought of my happy place, either at our cabin on the lake, or at the beach watching my children play, or vacations where I was blessed to go to many beautiful beaches. When my feet are in the sand and there is a smile on my face and all is well with my soul…this is my Haven. I hope my artwork will bring you the same joy.

a portion of every artwork that is sold will be donated by Brenda Burgett to the Alzheimer’s Association in memory of her mother.


Nicole Fitzgerald

DAFFODIL BLISS (green bay) | These were all created using an array of art tools with acrylic paints, gouache, colored pencils, paint markers, permanent markers, and artist pens. If you enjoy this piece I encourage you to visit my website to learn more about me and my artwork.

MINERAL SPLASH (appleton) | This is the largest piece form this collection. If you enjoy this piece, I encourage you to visit my website to view more pieces in this collection in a variety of sizes. These were all created using an array of art tools with acrylic paints, gouache, colored pencils, paint markers, permanent markers, and artist pens.


Peter Koury

NEW WORKS FROM PETER KOURY | Peter Koury is an award-winning contemporary painter whose unique style is largely undefined. His work uses vivid colors and realism to attract the viewer, and he combines that realism with abstraction and symbolism to make social commentary through the human experience. He prefers to work in acrylic and upcycled materials, doing what he can to reduce his environmental footprint and pay homage to his love of nature; he’s woven environmental and conservation themes into his art throughout his 30-year career.

Peter grew up in Green Bay, WI and was influenced at an early age by his grandmother, who was also an artist. In 1992 he moved to Milwaukee to attend The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. There he studied under Michelle Grabner, learning the important balance of art history and the contemporary art scene. He also shared a live/work studio with Jason Rohlf, another huge influence on Peter’s work. He then moved to Los Angeles where he expanded his artistic skills, creating artwork for skateboards, murals, and shoes, while also being commissioned to paint in the homes of Hollywood’s famous, including those of Jay Leno, Faye Dunaway, William Shatner, and Tony Shaloub. His realistic painting of a thunderstorm on Rob Zombie’s ceiling was even featured on MTV Cribs. The experience he gained in California strongly influenced his unique artistic style.

Since returning to Green Bay to raise his family, Peter has continued to be a prolific artist. His extraordinary paintings have been included in many juried exhibits, including The Hardy Gallery, Peninsula School of Art, the Neville Public Museum, the Art Garage, and charitable events, as well as having graced public and private walls throughout the community. His most recent works are commissions the public can experience at the Neville’s Generations Gallery, the Green Bay Botanical Garden’s Hobbit House, the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park, Jenstar Movement Studio, Nakashima of Japan’s Green Bay location, and at the Green Bay Area Public Schools Welcome Center.

Facebook: @blacksitepainting | Instagram: _blacksitepainting_

Dana Enderby

Daniela Kouzov

Daniel Pagel

Allison Sanders

Ryan Tuck

Jenna Kast