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At August Haven, we appreciate the joy of creative expression in all its forms, especially the arts. Join us in celebrating our local fine arts community as we proudly cast the spotlight on talented artists who are showcasing their work in our showrooms.

current featured artists

past featured artists

Linda Glass

ZEN COLLECTION | My Zen Collection was created during some challenging times socially, economically, and politically. This collection invites a calm, tranquil mood when viewing. The design, texture, and subtle color invite a Zen-like insight into the nature of the piece, while promoting a peaceful, relaxed feeling.

Rosa Jimenez

UNEXPECTED | Described by one local artist as “very Picasso-like,” Rosa Jimenez loves to paint canvases with acrylics in bright, swirling colors and geometric shapes. More recently, she’s begun using recycled magazines to create paper collage art that has been featured most recently at the Performing Arts Center of Appleton.

Jackie Sanders

GRAINS OF SAND | My art is deeply personal; a connection between life, nature, and sometimes social commentary. As a child I spent much of my time outside and continue to love time spent in nature. Being in nature helps to clear the mind and allows the heart to be more open to inspiration. Every image I create is hand burnished and like nature each piece is unique.

Trisha Spice

LOOK UP | My wish is to convey the emotion of what being drawn into the woods brings out in me. I breathe deeply to inhale the fragrant air. As I exhale I marvel at the many textures and layers in the foliage, the depth of which pulls me in even further. I look up to see the light shimmer off the leaves of the treetops swaying in the breeze. I am awestruck in the presence of God’s unique masterpieces. The work reflects the calm, peaceful feeling of deep woods solitude, and the ultimate comfort of being present with my Creator.